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Get rid of the stump and restore your landscaping

When a tree dies or is damaged and falls, or is purposely cut down, you are left with a stump. This stump not only looks terrible, it can play host to a variety of pests. Reclaim your landscaping with stump removal.

The fastest and easiest way to get rid of your stump is to grind it. This process removes the stump below the grade, grinds it up thoroughly and then re-deposits the grindings into the hole. You can then use these grindings as mulch - SAVING you money on your landscaping budget and making good use of the stump.

Reap benefits from your stump

If you prefer not to use the grindings as mulch, we can create a seamless finish by removing the grindings completely, refilling the hole with high quality top soil and then seeding it with grass seed. This means you can have a tree removed without a negative impact on the rest of your landscaping - and you can put the stump behind you.

Make it like it was never there at all

End the frustration and get rid of that stump for good.


Fully insured

Have confidence when you call us that you are putting your property in the hands of a skilled, fully insured team.

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