Large and Small Tree Removal

Although the decision to remove a tree isn’t always an easy one, you can trust us to safely and responsibly remove your trees.  At McCauley Tree Service we specialize in the tree removal process and these are jobs we often seek out.  We can safely remove any tree regardless of size, location, or condition.  By utilizing our state of the art equipment, expert climbing skills and extensive experience we can make even the toughest jobs look easy.

Crane Removal

Utilizing a crane is by far the safest and most efficient way to remove unwanted trees and at McCauley Tree Service we own and operate a 60 ton precision power crane to assist with the large and hazardous trees we encounter. With its all wheel steering, it is nimble enough to fit into tight places yet powerful enough to remove any size tree.  Whether it’s one tree or multiple trees, our crane allows us to safely remove unwanted trees from your yard with absolute precision and eliminating impact to your lawn and surrounding landscape.